Sleeping with a time bomb
Rumble in my dreams
Innocence been long gone
Fall apart at the seams
Looking through the windows
Walking through the doors
I can't help this feeling
Been here before
Everything is different
Everything the same
I know the rules
I played the game
Cry out
Tell me what it's gonna be
Reach out
Is everything the same?
Cry out
Tell me what you really see
Reach out
As a coma steals my name
Wake to an explosion
Nothing seemed so real
Innocence corroding
Alone is all I feel
Reaching out to no one
Knowing no one is there
Afraid to be afraid
Of another nameless fear
I got all the reason
Don't need no more
Blinded by illusions
Locked behind the door
Sleeping now forever
Murdered in my dreams
Innocence was never
Goin' to extremes
Busting through the windows
Kickin' down the doors
Standing up for me
Never did before
Now I lay me down to sleep
And if I die before I wake

I'm a wartime killer
I'm a man
I'm a peacetime killer
Doin' the best I can
Bless yourself with a fiery hand
Spit on the place you stand
Don't make ammends for what you do
Or move on your demands
Imagination running wild
We're all an only child
Product of our environment
Cut, blown and styled
I'm a wartime killer
I'm a man
I'm a peacetime killer
Doin' the best I can
I adapt to night
And nothing pleases me
I'm a loaded pistol
Just you wait and see
Infliction, I am here
Infection, where do we go from here
Inception, made it clear
As I move into the plan
At birth I made a deal
Called into the killin' fields
I go
I'm a wartime killer
I'm a man
I'm a peacetime killer
Doin' the best I can

Blood Money
Who's the one you pray to?
Who's your Jesus, man?
Where you go when it's over and done?
Even if you can't?
With bruises on your ego
Personality in a sling
Clinging to self-righteous pity
Never meant a thing
So who's your big brother?
Who's your saviour, man?
Just some ink on the dotted line
An "X" if you can't!
See misery loves company
And you'll never feel a need
We're guaranteed a lifetime
At least until you bleed
Suck the life out through the eyes
Windows to another world
Sifting through assorted lies
Welcome to another brand new world
A lot of people do it
It happens everyday
Doubt you'll ever know it's gone
Don't use it anyway
So come on in
Sit right down
I gotta deal for your
A matter of integrity
Here's all you gotta do
I'm not dealing with you
Not the one to thank
Execution therapy
Put that in the bank
You're a liar
Blood money
Due now
Blood money
Payment due and I'm collecting you

Thanx For Nothin'
Sick and tired of the same ol'
Fighting battles I just can't win
How can you tell me what it is you want
When you don't even know yourself
Live your life one death at time
See the road, can't read the signs
All the wrongs just can't be right
Hear my bark, for you feel my bite
If you could only see
What you wanted us to see
If we could only be
What you wanted us to be
I ain't fallin' for the tricks, the schemes
Same old lies
When it's over, cry for sympathy
Don't ask why
Thanx for nothin'
Yeah, I said nothin'
Next time better think
Before you speak
Had enough I can take no more
I'm baggin' it, I'm out the door
How can you say, I know what I mean
When you're pissing all over my life
Time is precious, time is mine
Waitin' here would just be fine
Bless my soul, time has come
Tide has turned, see Dick run
I've been watchin you
Barely stand to look you in the face
All tolerance not popularity
There's someone else to take your place

Bare Bones
I hear someone calling me
Where they call from
I can see no light
Walk through fire
To me now
And the fire I can't feel
Bare bones
Bare bones
I have walked through hell
Now I'm back
Stripped to the bone
I have been to hell
Now I'm here
And I'm taking all I need
Bare bones
Obstacles in my way
Just beyond them lies what
I don't know
Walk through blind
Know I'm here
There is nothing I can't see
Open my eyes to
What I need to see
Am I you or am I becoming me
Life from day to day
Turn another page
Christened in the rain
That turns to rage
Washed of animosity
Naked truth falling black or white
You're turning
To the light
There is nothing I can't be

Critical moments pass
And doctrines of fool will last
I'm just trying to cope
Into my horrorscope
Through eyes and ears they bleed
Reciting their holy cried
Heeding but one request
The future put to rest
Blessed me in darkened days
Down to my knees I pray
I'm just trying to cope
Within my horrorscope
In the wake
Of all frustration
I begin to lose control
Watched as the weapons fired
Bombs bursting in the air
Burned in the fields of fire
Standing in the middle of nowhere
Watched as the weapons fired
Baptized in the fields of fire
The change is here
The future clear
I can feel it coming
So full of hate
It's getting late
Yeah, I know it's coming
All the choice
Turned to just one voice
Yeah, the wind is turning
This is your
Words laced in blasphemy
Drip with sincerely
Fallin' into the plan
Like sacrificial lambs
Hearing the words and said
Rings like a nail through the head
Now I can see the stars
Know we have gone too far

New Machine
Nailed to the cross
By just words
Crucifixion complete
Close enough to the fire
To feel temptation's heat
It's gone away to taste the ground
Replaced by the incessant sound
Of fear
There's a ring in my ears
I'm bleedin from my heart
Far away from love
The execution starts
Made us what we are today
A lonely pile of disarray
We are the children of a new regime
We are the children of a new machine
Mass production, thought controlled
No, I never knew my heart
Never knew the love
That made them fall apart
It's gone away to taste the ground
Replaced by the incessant sound
We hear


Live Young, Die Free
The distant sound of mercy
Ringing in my ears
Far from the masses fades away
Closed my eyes
Waited for the pain to pass
Recalled a little story
Heard today
Yeah, I'm feeling trapped
So locked away
Caught in a downward spiral
In, into the black
I won't be back
Yeah, I'll be here for awhile
Don't need to see your face
Don't need to hear a word you say
Don't need to know your name
Or why you're hear
Shadows of the past
Appear in front of me
Into the masses disappear
The sound of silence
Ringing for a greater good
To this point I can't believe my ears
Yeah, coming unwrapped
Starting to fray
Walking the final mile
In, into the black
I won't be back
Choose to be here awhile
Then I saw your face
And I heard the words you said
The I recalled your name
Or why I'm hear
When I looked into your eyes
Saw how much you cried
I had a revelation
The pain wouldn't pass
The scars they would last
Into God's creation
Blessed secrets holding me
Then we all closed our eyes
Lay down and sighed
Live young, die free
The distant chime of mercy
Ringing one last time
Into the masses turns to clay
Molded into what is now
The greater good
To close just a story...yesterday
Don't need to see your face
Don't need to hear a word you say
Don't need to know your name
Or why you're hear
When the child of a liar
Put his hands into the fire
Called it discontention
And a man with the word
Repeted what he heard
Led to mass confusion
Blessed secrets agony
Then the child closed his eyes
Lay down and died
Live young, die free

Nice Day...For A Funeral
Black suits, eyes closed
Nothig left to hear
One mistake, blame the youth
Crossed the line of fear
Burn the bridges that we crossed in time
Seemed the only way
Not for nothing was his only crime
A final price to pay
Black days, loss for words
When there's so much left to say
Time's mine, have so much time
Since I went away
Back across the bridges burned
Now walk alone
The lights are on, the door's unlocked
But no one is home
I saw the last of sunshime
I'm going back to Mother Earth
A cry of independence
Ends in death
Yeah, the last of sunshine
Oh ya know, for what it's worth
Nice day for a funeral
One last time to turn your back
Don't kiss me when I go
Don't wonder why it came to this
Yu didn't want to know
Bastard child and a misspent youth
Yeah, he's yours and mine
Digging graves, not the buried truth
If we only had the time

In life we talk of death
Each breath comes closer to out
Of this I'm not afraid
Though I don't know what it's all about
I don't kow
Decisions that we make
The chances that we take
The blindness we can't take
Thought I knew
But now I know
What it's like to be
I remember here
Thought it was a dream
Never thought I'd come to this
Living with the fear
Now I know what it means
Never thought it'd end like this
Falling with no end
Into what I've only done to me
With messages to send
Out what I've only done to me
Falling with no
Calling with no
Crawling to the end

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